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Jimi Hendrix Memorabilia

Selling Your Jimi Hendrix Autographs, Posters & Memorabilia

Born on 27 November 1942, Jimi Hendrix was a legendary guitarist, singer and songwriter. As a teenager, he learned to play the guitar and went onto become a rock legend with hit songs such as “Hey Joe”, “Purple Haze” and “The Wind Cried Mary”.

His innovative electric guitar playing excited audiences in the 1960s and forged his place in rock history. Despite dying in 1970 at the age of 27 from drug-related issues, he made his mark on the music world and remains very popular to this day.

The Demand For Jimi Hendrix Memorabilia

Demand for Jimi Hendrix memorabilia is high mainly because of his untimely death and limited time in the music industry. Jimi Hendrix memorabilia tends to be scarce and is therefore highly sought after. Now that all three members of The Jimi Hendrix Experience are dead demand and prices for Jimi Hendrix memorabilia is likely to increase.

Jimi Hendrix Memorabilia Valuations

We are particularly interested in providing valuations for Jimi Hendrix memorabilia including: concert posters, Experience autographs, handbills, concert programmes and ticket stubs.

Contact us today for a quick, easy and risk-free valuation. Find out today how much your Jimi Hendrix memorabilia could be worth.

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