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The Beatles Memorabilia

Selling Your Beatles Autographs And Beatles Memorabilia

The Beatles are without question one of the world’s most successful bands. Even today, over 40 years after they broke up, they continue to be highly popular with fans of all ages. From their humble beginning in 1950’s Liverpool, The Beatles went on to become one of the world’s biggest bands, selling over 1 billion records by 1985.

The Demand For Autographs, Posters And Memorabilia

Demand for Beatles memorabilia remains high and we are keen to buy items of Beatles memorabilia including Beatles autographs, handwritten letters and postcards, rare records (Parlophone A-label demos, EMIDISC acetates etc.), lyrics, artwork, Apple Records and fan club ephemera, record company promotional items such as Beatles toys, novelty items, negatives, films, awards, presentational discs, concert posters, tickets flyers and other unique or one-off items related to band members.

Beatles Memorabilia Appraisals

Some items of Beatles memorabilia are particularly popular including Beatles concert memorabilia, Beatles clothing, Beatles autographs, letters and handwritten items such as song lyrics. If you would like us to appraise any item of Beatles memorabilia, please send us a clear image and details.

We offer a competitive price and same day valuations. Please contact us today to see what your Beatles memorabilia could be worth.